Dementia is a condition affecting the brain where an individual may display loss of memory, confusion, mood changes, problems with communication and reasoning and difficulty performing day-to-day tasks.

Dementia is a progressive condition - it often develops slowly and is not always obvious in the early stages. Alzheimer's Disease and vascular dementia are the most common types, although there are a number of others.

Dementia can have a huge impact on someone's life, as well as on their families and loved ones. But practical and emotional support is available and accessing good support can make a real positive difference to someone with dementia and their family.

Most people living with dementia - particularly those in the early and middle stages of the illness - can be cared for at home and don't require residential care facilities. In fact, more than half of all people diagnosed with Alzheimer's continue to live in their own home settings. We have experienced support staff, specifically trained to assist and support individuals living with dementia.

There are believed to be nearly 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. Yet while it tends to be thought of as an elderly person's disease, a recent report from The Alzheimer's Society warns that far more people under the age of 65 have the condition than was previously thought.

In fact, some experts believe as many as 100,000 people in their 30s, 40s and 50s may have dementia.

How can we help?

Our quality support staff are trained to understand the very precise daily challenges and different stages of living with and caring for someone with this disease, and ensure that appropriate care is provided in the individual's home, in familiar surroundings and with as little disruption to daily routine as possible.

Familiarity and consistency are acknowledged to be some of the best ways of keeping people living with dementia stable. Unexpected changes in a companion, timings and places often cause high levels of stress and heighten the symptoms of Alzheimer's and Dementia, but appropriate support and assistance from our accredited support staff will help reduce this to minimal levels.

Our support in prompting medication, promoting exercise and maintaining a healthy diet will also help to minimise the impact of the condition.

Our specially trained support staff know how to make their lives easier.